Tuesday, March 9, 2010

(On Weather) And here's what the 7th graders are saying...

On Friday I had my 7th graders respond to a prompt about the weather. Many students said the drought would "break" or "destroy" the island. Some wrote about the possibility of stopping school when the water runs out. A few shared insight that the heat will be good for hatching chicks. Here are my favorites:

"El Nino is very dangerous. It can destroy our island. It can burn many trees in Pohnpei. Most cars in Pohnpei will explode."

"It can break our island. It is not good for all the people of the Earth."

"This El Nino is darkening my skin. It killed the grass."

And my personal favorite--this kids has a great sense of humor and is fairly into action movies, I'll wager.

"All people will die and no one will live. It will destroy all the islands on the earth. All the planets will break down. And the earth will explode. No one will be left over. And the Sun will win."

Maybe we should have a chat about how weather patterns work? Or maybe not.